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Custom Yard and Ranch Signs
We will work with you to design and build a sign that fits your needs perfectly.  We have thousands of images to work with and will start  from scratch if we do not carry what you are looking for.   We create and  design new images all the time and are happy to "think outside the box" to meet and exceed your expectations!
***Pricing will vary depending on sizing and mounts contact us for a free quote!
We began this part of our adventure because a family friend asked us to design and build a steel monument for his father.  We throughly enjoyed being able to give this family the monument they could cherish and something that would last forever, without the cost of a traditional monument.   
We will take great care in designing and building a monument that honors the memory of your loved one.  
Each monument is handcrafted and can be totally customized with lights, layering, and color.   
Custom Fabrication and Parts
We design to specification flanges, sprockets, and many other parts that would be necessary for farm and ranch equipment, heavy machinery, custom car builds, and many other industrial applications.  We also custom fabricate many items for industrial and hobbyist application. 
The fuel tank housing,  gear box covers, and white fuel tank (pictured right) are fabricated to customer specification.  
Call us today for a free quote on a customized part!

Custom Mailboxes

We will custom design a signature mailbox to increase your curb appeal and identify your name, street number or anything you wish.  A lot like a yard sign, these have a lot of possibilities and can be made to almost any shape you can imagine. 
Pictured Left: A simple custom mailbox design that features a scene and the occupants name, in this case, our own!  These can be customized with solar lighted post caps and plant hooks; or you can just keep it simple and go with a decorative filigree.

Gates and Railings

We love to customize your home with custom gates and railings.  We can do anything from large opening gates(pictured right) to small entry gates.  We also do custom railings for any application.  
If you have a vision, we will strive to make your project exactly as you had imagined.  
Pictured Right:   (Top) 2 - 8' gates customized for the client. 
(Below) Custom railings designed to look like branches for a front porch.  


We have a variety of finish options depending on your needs.  The most popular finish for indoor applications is our patina option which gives us the ability to make your steel art look like copper, bronze,  and pewter.  It also produces purple, blue, red, orange and yellow hues (pictured right). This option is also available for outdoor applications.  However, the piece will need to have an automotive clear coat applied to the finish.  
The most popular option for outdoor use is to paint the piece.  We use a high quality rust preventative  paint to finish all of our pieces whether indoor or outdoor to make sure that they are of the finest quality. 

Proudly Made in the U.S.A