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The cost of custom signage and art varies greatly depending on the size, finish, and design time involved in creating your custom art, as well as the cost of materials.  As a baseline guide for a reference point we use an average of $40.00 / sq. ft of material used for the sign.   This includes design time and a patina finish on 12 gauge mild steel.   There are several factors that will increase or decrease your price. For example, material thickness, index fee (fee if sheet has to be moved more than one time), and finish.  It will be cheaper to have a ranch sign that is painted rather than having a patina on it, simply because there is less time involved in paint.  It is best if you can call and ask for a FREE quote to determine a sign or piece of art that will fit your budget.     
The cost of spec parts will be based on how many cut inches are in the part, indexing fee (if material has to be moved or loaded and unloaded from CNC machine), and design fee. The average cost of this is $0.25 / cut inch, $15.00 indexing fee, and $30.00/ hr. design time.  We can take measurments and build parts based off specifications or we can scan the part (if it is small) and then convert it to cut from our image.    As stated above, the pricing will vary with each part we cut.   However, volume discounts for parts with over 500 cut inches and mulitple parts will be offered.   Please call for a FREE quote on parts to specification and see if you qualify for a volume discount.  
Below are some examples of signs and prices:

Custom Mailbox - 17" X 28" Name Plate - 10 GA mild steel - painted  - includes mailbox - $350.00

Custom Ranch Sign - 2' X 3' - 10GA mild steel - mounted in frame - patina - $375.00

Custom Yard Sign - 2' X 3' - 10 GA mild steel - hook mounted - patina - $240.00.

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