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Steve and Andrea's Story

We are new to the world of being small business owners, but Steve is not new to the art of working with steel.  He has over 15 years experience in welding, fabrication and general repair.   I (Andrea) have been working for local businesses keeping books off and on for almost 10 years.  I am absolutely a novice at working with metal but Steve is a great teacher and is helping me learn the skills I need to perform the labor.  
We began Prairie Metalworks, LLC in August of 2014 after many years of planning and preparation for a welding and fabrication shop.  However, things didn't exactly follow the original plan and we ended up beginning with a portable welding rig.  You see, Prairie Metalworks, LLC began to primarily serve as a farm and ranch repair, maintenance, and fabrication shop for the rural agricultural based community we live in.   This had been Steve's life dream and it was beginning to be come a reality.   While this page is dedicated to the CNC metal art and spec parts side of Prairie Metalworks, LLC; we still do a large amount of business on the farm and ranch repair and maintenance side as well.   Steve is an absolutely amazing welder and mechanic.  The farmers and ranchers of this community rely on him and the other local shop to keep the machines and implements running so they can continue to be the heartbeat of America.
It wasn't until just before Christmas of 2014, we were approached by a long-time friend to make a monument for his deceased father.  The stakes were high because his trade was welding and metal, but we decided to take on the challenge of building something that is so important to our friend and his family.   We were able to successfully and proudly deliver on the promise to make them something unique and stunning.   After this, it bloomed into farm and ranch signs, custom art, and business signage.  We got to the point really fast where it was necessary for me to be in the shop full-time to be able to complete orders; as Steve is too busy with the Farmers and Ranchers gearing up for their busy seasons.   So, in April of 2015, I quit my job and came to work full-time as the designer for Prairie Metalworks.  
Each piece of art that comes out of our shop was hand-crafted  by either Steve or Andrea or both.   We work together, with our customer, on every aspect of each custom piece from concept to design to finishing.  We will ensure that you are pleased with your design by including you in each and every step of the process.  You will be given the opportunity to chose every element of your design,  proof your design before it's cut, choose a finish  and decide how you would like to mount your design.   We try to make sure you are satisified with your piece of art when it is finished and mounted in its permanent home.  
Thank you for viewing our page and learning a little bit about us.  If you would like to know more or just have general  questions or comments please go to our "Contact Us" button at the top of the page.  Or call us at the contact numbers provided below.  We would love to hear from you and look forward to working with you in the future!
Steve Keenan was born and raised in and around the small community of Springfield, CO.  I, Andrea (Harmon) Keenan, was born in Englewood, CO and raised in Springfield, CO as well. We met in grade school, but our friendship blossomed in high school and by the time I was 17, Steve and I were very close friends.  He moved to Denver after he graduated leaving me behind to finish high school.  We dated and I took him to 2 proms.  I moved to Denver, CO after I graduated h, and we were married in February of 2003.
We gave birth to our first child, Kaden, in August of 2003.   While we lived in Denver, Steve worked for Merritt Equipment repairing semi-trailers and HVH Transportation maintaining and repairing the trailers.   I worked as a C.N.A. in a medical rehab unit.   We loved the city-life and all the possibilities and opportunities it had to offer, but we soon realized that daycare and opposite hours at our jobs were not going to work.  So, with careful consideration, we decided to moved back to our hometown.   
In October of 2006, Gavin made his appearance and our little family was complete.   Our children are our life; they make each day fun and exciting!  While we may have our differences with them and working in not high on either one of their priority lists (do I have news for them or what?); they sure know the meaning of family because Steve and I try to always make sure they know what a "family" means.   
After returning home, Steve worked several years at the local grain elevator company and then worked at the local welding shop doing farm and ranch repair, similar to what he does now.  I, on the other hand, have worked in offices keeping books for various businesses and waited tables at the local steakhouse for several years before working at the local credit union and now exclusively for Prairie Metalworks.  
Our adventure has been fun, exciting, scary, sad, happy and everything in between; but one thing's for sure we have a great life together and are growing everyday!
The Keenans

Steve and Andrea Keenan

Facing North on the Southside of Springfield, CO our hometown and current home. 

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